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Our purpose is to fellowship and celebrate God’s healing power in our lives through the 12-Steps and 8 Recovery Principles. This experience allows us to be transformed.


Celebrate Recovery is a healing program for anyone with a hurt, habit, or hang-up. At Celebrate Recovery, you will be welcomed into a room full of imperfect people who all have one thing in common — we desire to celebrate recovery from our current way of living and live a life of freedom in Christ!

By working and applying these biblical principles, we begin to grow spiritually.

We become free from our addictive, compulsive, and dysfunctional behaviors.

This freedom creates peace, serenity, joy, and most importantly, a stronger personal relationship with God and others. As we progress through the program we discover our personal, loving, and forgiving Higher Power—Jesus Christ. We hope you will join us on this exciting spiritual adventure.


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Randy Tapp


Randy Tapp and wife Nancy are the ministry leaders of the Celebrate Recovery (CR) program at Victory Church.  Involved with CR since 2005 when, due to a series of poor choices, Randy found himself at a rock-bottom point in his life; a failed suicide and a marriage on the brink of destruction.  

Through Celebrate Recovery, and the healing and loving power of Jesus Christ, Randy has been able to work through the pain of sexual abuse suffered as a child, and the subsequent lifestyle of poor choices stemming from that abuse.  


Through CR, especially the 12-Step process along with the biblical principles, Randy was able to work through the issues that kept him in the chains that prevented him from being everything he could be for his wife, children, and for God.  


Because of the Christ-centered process and principles of Celebrate Recovery, Randy was able to finally break free from decades of hurts, hang-ups, and habits and now finds himself today, paying back what God has done for him by helping others through their journey of recovery from the darkness of pain and sin to the loving, healing power of Jesus Christ that is found in Celebrate Recovery.  


Recovery is a choice, followed by a process.  Make a choice for recovery and then check us out to begin to experience the freedom that comes from the healing and loving power of Jesus Christ.


Randy also holds a Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University which has enhanced his ability to a more effective ministry leader in taking this program to others. 


To read about Randy's time in the military, click here.

Celebrate Recovery CT_Nancy Tapp
Nancy Tapp


Nancy, and husband, Randy and are the ministry team leaders for Celebrate Recovery at Victory Church in Middlefield Connecticut.  

Nancy, a CT native was raised in a family of eight in Bridgeport and came to Celebrate Recovery in 2005 to support her husband in an issue he was dealing with.  


She quickly learned that she had buried childhood hurts that left her to battle with an eating disorder, was drowning in a codependent lifestyle, and needed to heal from betrayal and a broken heart to name a few.

At Celebrate Recovery Nancy found a safe place to openly share her hurts and struggles.  "God has met me in my broken wounded places, and through working the 12-steps, has healed me from the inside out." 


Free from her hurts, Nancy now boldly proclaims "I now know who I am in Jesus Christ and keep my eyes fixed on what He says about me, no longer giving room to what others may say or even lies I believed about myself.  I am grateful for Celebrate Recovery and my “Forever Family”."


Healthier than ever, her marriage is stronger than ever, and God has blessed her with His peace that surpasses all understanding.


A CR success story herself, Nancy would like to invite you to give Celebrate Recovery a try If you are struggling with a hurt, habit, or hang-up!


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